Funkey Munkey Market Christmas In July

Regular price $200.00

We have decided to run a special on the show.  Now if you sign up you will get 2 1/2 weeks worth.  You still do not need to work your booth unless you want to, and now you do NOT have to do barcodes.  But we still need a inventory list.  All you do is sign up , set up , and pick up.  THAT'S IT!

Not sure?  Then ask.. send a email to 

booths are NOT your traditional craft show booth sizes. We will fit you in with the full time store vendors. 
sorry still no direct sales allowed. 
Now we have added a weekend option for those that want to do a show but can’t do the whole time. You will need to work your own booth with the weekend option. It is $50 per day. So choose however many days you need.